Fees: $115 for the intake and $100 per 50 minute session
Areas of Focus: Adolescence and Early Adulthood, Trauma,
and Groups
Specialized Training and Skills: EMDR & Action Methods of Psychodrama
Contact: 469-284-0658 or

I enjoy working with a variety of people including all ages, ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic status levels.  I have found in my work that people are similar in having the same self-limiting beliefs regardless of who they were, or where they came from.  I am particularly drawn to the difficulties that arise in adolescence and early adulthood. As a teen that struggled with insecurity myself, it is rewarding to help young people empower themselves.  Life transitions are difficult, however, they can also show us how strong and resilient we are once our perceptions change.  Life transitions become an opportunity to "rise to the occasion" not from where we once were, but from where we are now.  No matter what stage of life you are in, I will walk with you as you learn to let go of your self-limiting beliefs, while having the honor of being a witness to your self-empowerment.