With reverence and deep respect for each of your stories, our therapists join you where you are on the journey. Utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities, we work with you to create a path to transformational healing and well-being.


Our therapists currently see adults, children, adolescents, families, and couples.



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We understand — counseling can be new and foreign territory. But we at The Grove want to help you learn your options and guide you to a better understanding of wellness.

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Psychological evaluations provide the information you need to move forward and to get the help you need. Learn more about how to efficiently obtain the guidance you deserve.

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To be strong does not mean to sprout muscles and flex. It means meeting one’s own numinosity without fleeing, actively living with the wild nature in one’s own way. It means to be able to learn, to be able to stand what we know. It means to stand and live.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
Mental life is an emergent self-organizing process of the embodied and relational flow of energy and information. The mind is not separate from from our bodies or from our relationships - it both arises from them and regulates them.
— Daniel Siegel

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