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Fee: $150 for Intake and $110 per 50 minute session
Areas of Focus: Grief, Trauma, Relationships; Adults and Adolescents
Specialized Training and Skills: Intermediate level Somatic Experiencing, Action Methods of Psychodrama
Contact: 972-325-8647 or

Welcome! As long as I can remember, I have been deeply moved by the suffering of others and sought to help and comfort those in distress. Becoming a therapist has been exciting for me as I have learned many tools and skills to better assist people in meeting their goals and changing their lives. I am passionate about this work because I love seeing a client come alive again, find hope and realize their own strength and resiliency. I am able to help others effectively in large part because I have also done my own healing work. 

My clients appreciate my ability to be present for them and with them, and to understand their issues and questions without judgment.  I partner with my clients in their healing work. I assist them as they define their goals, explore options, uncover patterns and beliefs that may be preventing their growth, and develop new patterns that will support and sustain their growth over time.

Everyone experiences suffering. We all have deeply painful experiences in life and it is natural to feel broken, isolated and alone in our suffering. I'm here to remind you that you are not alone. I believe every person has a core of wholeness; that you are more than your feeling of brokenness, or only the result of what has happened to you. I walk step by step with you to help you reconnect with yourself and others, to help integrate your painful experiences into the broader context of your life, and find healing, joy, and meaning.