Counselor Spotlight: Courtney Cox


Courtney Cox

Therapist at The Grove Counseling & Wellness Center

We are thrilled to have Courtney as one of our amazing therapists at The Grove Counseling & Wellness Center. Courtney studied at TWU and has her M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She works with adolescents and adults. She enjoys incorporating mindfulness and creativity in her work with clients, and has special interest in working with the LGBTQ+ community and individuals in nonmonogamous relationships.

Here is a recent conversation with Courtney: 

What are you passionate about lately? Lately I have been super passionate about helping cultivate emotional intelligence in children and parents, and I would love to figure out a way to bring emotional intelligence into the school system.

Currently Reading: Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman

Currently listening to: Dermot Kennedy, Singer Songwriter - I really dig his songs Glory and After Rain 

Why do you love being a counselor? I was first drawn to the field because of my interest in the human experience and how we can go through similar things but have vastly different responses and feelings about it. I love helping someone develop more self-awareness and self-compassion and watching this ability grow and help the person heal and move forward in their lives.

Do you have Fur babies and who are they? Yesss! My two cats, Benz and Kingsley, my Australian Shepherd, Hamilton, and my kingsnake, Tummy (who is not technically a ‘fur baby’ but still a part of the family)

Deep dark secret: Therapist by day…longboarder and artist by night