Counselor Spotlight: Dr. Allen


Dr. Allen

Psychologist at The Grove Counseling & Wellness Center

The Grove is excited to have Dr. Diane Allen as a part of our clinical team. Dr. Allen received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from U.T. Southwestern Medical School and has more than 20 years of experience. She works with people of all ages. Dr. Allen is skilled at both therapy and conducting assessments. She has special interests in ADHD, depression, and communication disorders (such as autism spectrum disorders and hearing loss).   

Here is a recent conversation with Dr. Allen:

What are you passionate about lately? Helping people build Emotional Resilience - the ability to cope with difficulties and “bounce back” from problems. Research is showing that emotional resilience is a quality that both adults and children can develop or improve - and that people with stronger resilience are able to handle problems and adversity with less negative effects. I have been taking these ideas to help clients increase their emotional resilience as a way to help manage depression or anxiety. 

Currently Reading: The Brain that Changes Itself is a great book about how our brains are continuously rewiring themselves - and how we can use that process to think better and feel better.  

Currently listening to: A couple of podcasts - Invisibilia - a science podcast that focuses on invisible things like emotions, daydreams, or expectations - and for fun with my family, My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

Why do you love being a psychologist? I love meeting people where they are and helping them build the life they want. Not by changing them or pointing out “flaws”, but by seeing their strengths and using those strengths to make good change happen.

Deep dark secret: Many people don’t know that I was a twirler in high school - batons, fire batons, twirling knives, capes…you name it, I can twirl it!!